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I’m gonna start this blog off by saying that I’ve been listening to Super Slimey on repeat for a couple days, and I read something along the lines of Thug and Future recorded hundreds of songs for the tape. Hundreds of Thug and Future songs!?!? *Birdman hand rub* The only problem is that you know none of them will get released. You hear the same thing about Thug and Kanye or Thug and any other artist he makes a hit with. It will be a while before I give up on that or any other collab tape after getting T-Wayne out of absolutely nowhere. The world had been waiting for that since like 2009 and randomly T- Pain tweeted something about dropping it:

T-Pain’s Tweet

When he dropped it the next day, it was GLORIOUS. I woke up and turned it on and immediately my acne got worse, my voice started cracking, and I had an irresistible urge to go to Hot Topic (and actually buy something not just point and laugh). Straight back to 09 Jacolby, until I remembered I’m a grown ass man with a job and then it was just a dope album that reminded me of my youth. To get back on topic, Wayne and T- Pain probably have hundreds of unreleased songs and any collab situation is probably similar in terms of yielding a lot of unreleased tracks. How bad could the songs be though? To be frank, Wayne put out Rebirth, so I don’t know how it would be worse than that if we are being realistic here (Editor’s Note: Rebirth wasn’t that bad). Not to mention, it’s Wayne with T-Pain, and they don’t ever really seem to miss so maybe we will get some of that heat down the road.

Speaking of Wayne, we need Can’t Feel My Face since we are dropping music from middle school days. Wayne and Juelz seem to bat 1.000 together and also drop some of their best verses when they are on a track with one another. And you know what else is sad? Wayne has an album with his father Birdman, but not his son Drake. That Wayne/Drake collab would have fucked the world up a few years ago, but it would still be appreciated now. What about a Carter-Carter collab now that Wayne is signed to Roc-a-fella Records….. I know what you’re thinking, Weezy probably hasn’t done enough to earn a Blue Ivy feature yet, but maybe she will take pity and loan out her father out for some tracks to gain himself some buzz. He’s a fledgling rapper if you’ve never heard of him, he goes by Jay Z I think, or Hov if you’re feeling frisky. I think he has a real future in this rap game. Ross and Wayne should legit drop a mixtape entitled “Fuck Birdman” or something along those lines. Wayne with anybody gets my co-sign, cause that’s my GOAT.

To go back to my original line of thought, I need these hundreds of Thug and Future songs, and it would be preferable if instead of putting them online, they just loaded them up in a needle so I could inject them directly in between my toes. Thug apparently has multiple albums worth of stuff with Kanye, and there have been multiple rumors of collabs between Thugger and numerous others as well. These are the kinds of things that the world needs. You can’t just hold onto it forever. Also, this Quavo/Travis Scott needs to drop (Editor’s Note: Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho was trash), and then Travis and Thug need to get together and do a whole album themed after “Pick Up The Phone.” Thug should have had a verse on “Whole Lot” off 21 Savage’s Issa Album, but since he didn’t, they can just drop a collab tape to make up for it. Really, my dream is for all these Atlanta dudes to just form like Voltron into a trap version of Wu-Tang Clan and just give me group albums as well as platinum shit from each individual member. Gucci needs to buy a swamp and build a Legion of Doom fortress out there and hold a Trap Summit. Anything besides trap?

You know what I’m really hankering for (and have been for literal years)? How Fly 2 from Wiz Khalifa x Curren$y. Curren$y is the most underrated rapper to ever exist, and if he can put out a project every month for an entire year straight (he has actually done that twice I think) then he should be able to do a collab album with Wiz like once a year, maybe more than that. Hell, when they did those five songs with Big Sean those were incredible as well. I feel like those two really bring out the best in each other, and they are great on their own. Just magical synergy right there. There really isn’t any more need for explanation. Watch The Throne 2 would be great, although I am not sure that could ever come out and not be disappointing because of how good the first one is. The hype would be next level, and I would be expecting at least 6-8 songs that I will be listening to for the next 50+ years like the first one has. That is not even debatably the best collab album in the history of the genre. Don’t even try to think of another that rivals it, just accept what I say as truth. Also, I could deal with some collabs from A$AP Rocky with some people outside his own set, like maybe he could do some crazy shit with the Migos with like 800 flows in one five minute song. Or A$AP with Drake more, we haven’t heard much from them even after “Fuckin Problems.” There are so many collabs I would be into hearing. I love Without Warning, Super Slimey, ColleGrove, and most of the other recent collabs; so I hope they keep putting them out. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all.

What collabs would you want to hear? Make sure you tell me how stupid I sound in the comments section and name some better collabs that I could never even dream of with my tiny imagination.


Impromptu Top 5 of Songs From Collab Albums:

The Entirety of Watch The Throne – Jay Z x Kanye West
Heavy Chevy – T-Pain x Lil’ Wayne – T-Wayne
Drunk Dialing – Wiz Khalifa x Curren$y – How Fly
Mink Flow – Young Thug x Future – Super Slimey
You Ain’t Know – Lil’ Wayne x Birdman – Like Father, Like Son

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