The Worst Beating I’ve Ever Seen: by Jacolby

I’m not a huge MMA guy, but I used to really like it and I watch occasionally now with friends. I’ve seen a lot of fights before, and I’ve seen a lot of dudes take beatings before, but what I just watched Daniel Cormier do to that Volkan Oezdemir guy was in its own class in terms of ass whoopings. I’m not a big DC fan because his fights are usually boring, but he grown manned Volkan. It looked like a big brother just casually reaffirming his dominance over a little brother. Cormier had the leg on arm while you rain punches on their face type of dominance that I routinely exerted over my little brother when I was growing up. And to think that DC did that to a professional fighter makes me like him a little bit more. Jon Jones still owns him, but that’s besides the point. This man was literally dribbling Volkan’s head off the canvas; it was actually concerning. The ref probably should have stepped in earlier for brain safety’s sake, if not just to stop the embarrassment that was occurring in front of him. And the crazy part is that it’s not like Volkan isn’t tough; my guy would beat 99.9% of people’s asses. Unfortunately for him, the place he works employs most, if not all, of that .1%. Oh well, better luck next time Volkan. At least you can take pride in winning the cool name competition before the fight.

“Fall down 7 times, get up 8.” – someone more inspirational than me

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